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Otter Ref -LaF- by kalil969 Otter Ref -LaF- :iconkalil969:kalil969 16 7 Dev ID by kalil969 Dev ID :iconkalil969:kalil969 0 0
The Dragonfly's Dream
Leo was a dragonfly. He lived on an island with other dragonflies just like him. He would do dragonfly things at dragonfly times at dragonfly places, but every day at sunset he would fly out to the shore where he could watch the sea. From his little rock he would watch the birds fly high in the sky, and every day he would envy them and imagine what it was like soaring through the air at such heights and speeds.
The poor little dragonfly went on like this for quite some time until one day he decided that he would fly like the birds, no matter the cost. Of course all of his dragonfly friends and dragonfly family tried to discourage him.
"No!" they would say, "You're much too small and weak to fly like that." But despite their harsh words, Leo remained courageous and focused.
For the next few days he spent his free time buzzing around the island, searching for the highest spot from where he could jump. Day after day he would look on every corner of the island stopping at the highest place
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Kale Ref by kalil969 Kale Ref :iconkalil969:kalil969 2 7 Steve Ref by kalil969 Steve Ref :iconkalil969:kalil969 4 11 Cyprus Ref by kalil969 Cyprus Ref :iconkalil969:kalil969 2 5
BB Round 1
Eventually the fighting was brought to an end when the guards retreated and the competitors were shuffled into cages.  From there they were brought to a "hospital" to lick their wounds. The competitors might as well just lick their wounds from the minimal medical treatment they were given.
At least, that was Squid-in-Jar's opinion. In truth he was just happy to have a relatively safe place for Dog to recover, not that he would ever show it. For the first two days he kept up his usual bad behavior, tripping doctors and guards, spouting off insults at the slightest provocation, and at one point even nicked some keys off of an oblivious two-legger. He didn't have the slightest clue what the keys did, so he kept them in his jar with him until either he found a use for them, or just got bored of hiding them. It was the third day when he finally pushed a couple of doctors too far.
"Alright that's it you stupid invertebrate, either you stop causing trouble or I'll have twelve guards
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Robosnail Reference by kalil969 Robosnail Reference :iconkalil969:kalil969 3 3
Mature content
ToH Round 1 Part 2 :iconkalil969:kalil969 0 7
ToH Round 1 Part 1
The first show of his career and B was stuck as an opener. He couldn't care less, seeing as it meant that once he was done he could relax for the rest of the show. After a nice nap that he had taken during the show, he felt something jostle him awake. Sleepily lifting his head, he saw the perpetrator. It was a weird looking thing with a head that looked like a goat. It was by no means the strangest thing he had seen as of yet, but the creatures that B saw still struck him as odd.
"Hey, watch where you're sitting, pooch. You almost tripped me!" The strange Goat-thing cried out, leaving B with the impression that he was in the wrong, and she the right. That meant that Goat Lady either thought lowly of him, highly of herself, or was just that rude. Niceties weren't something B held in high value, but even he felt a twinge of annoyance at the Goat-thing's tone.
After having been so rudely woken up, B decided to take a minute and look around. He stood up from where he had been sleeping, and
:iconkalil969:kalil969 1 13
Mature content
BloodBath Audition Part 2 :iconkalil969:kalil969 3 3
Mature content
ToH-What really happens :iconkalil969:kalil969 4 33
BloodBath Audition Part 1
It was raining. Again. It was always raining. It caused misery for almost every other creature, but for Squid-in-Jar it was rather nice. Being aquatic, he kept a supply of water in his jar with him, and rain allowed him to refresh that. It also made operating his arms out of his jar a lot more comfortable, so when rain came, he was always in a good mood. Well…maybe not a good mood, but better than most.
"Hey Squid-in-Jar, how's that rain feeling?" Dog asked, pausing to try and look back at his companion. He knew it was a pointless endeavor, but still, maybe if he kept trying he'd succeed one day.
"Like water. We need to keep moving, Dog." Squid-in-Jar replied, knowing that they were in a particularly bad part of the camp, not that there were any good parts of it. He didn't tell Dog, of course, since that would probably freak him out, and a freaked out Dog meant that Squid-in-Jar would have to deal with erratic movements, as well as watching out for danger.
"Okay, sorry." He replie
:iconkalil969:kalil969 1 9
Squid-in-Jar and Dog Ref by kalil969 Squid-in-Jar and Dog Ref :iconkalil969:kalil969 6 18
Wake up
After being accepted into the show, B was at quite a loss as of what he should do. He could go and eat something, possibly even someone, but that would be quite useless, as he was quite full, and doing so would draw unneeded attention. It was likely someone or other would be angry at him and try to kill him as well.
He was going to try and find something else to do when a strange sensation swept over him. He fell to the floor, drawing quite the crowd, and then disappeared in a puff of rainbow smoke.
"What in the world?" one of the watchers, Quincy, murmured, looking around to see if anyone knew what was going on.
"Dogs do not be doing this as usual, yes?" Nicholai asked, leaning his head over to look into Mortie's faceplate.
"I have no data on this situation." The robot replied, recording the entire thing to send back to VanHeln later.
Then, with no warning, B appeared in another puff of rainbow smoke.
"OH MY GAWD GUYS THAT WAS SO SPECTACULAR!" the dog yelled, surprising all with the s
:iconkalil969:kalil969 3 20
ToH Reference B by kalil969 ToH Reference B :iconkalil969:kalil969 4 4


So...where to begin. My first full year of college is almost over (2 finals and a paper to go). A lot of stuff went down, way too much for me to cover in a simple journal, but sufficed to say I've done a lot of growing this past year.

Tomorrow I'm going to be moving into an apartment, marking my first place of living where I'm "on my own." That is to say, no help from parents or college dorms. But wait! That's not all! I also have to speak to the financial aid office because I'm a derp who loses paperwork and finds it after deadlines are past. Worst comes to worst, I'm paying for a semester of classes out of my own pocket, which will not be a fun endeavor, so wish me luck on that.

I've also applied for a promotion at my job, which I will be re-interviewed for sometime in the next week, and my car is starting to crap out on me.

I guess what I mean to say is things are going to be completely insane for awhile, so I might not be in all that great of mood, and for that I apologize.

I hope I don't die~


Spectacularly Average
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